Energiewerks 3D – Discover, Design, Deliver : Part 1

Emphasis of the Energiewerks 3D process, on delivering small incremental value adding functionality, from concept to delivery, with continuous testing by subject matter experts, product owners and implementors at every stage of the delivery process, ensures no large scale failures occur. A “fail fast and often while working at pace” approach, allows any inevitable failure to meet persona’s needs to be caught early, and corrected quickly, with limited rework and cost overruns.

Sanjay Gupta – Product Manager

What is Energiewerks 3D ?

Discover, Design and Deliver system functionality repeatably, failing fast in some cases, yet delivering small increments of value to personas continuously, is the hallmark of Energiewerks way of building complex systems.

Discovery processes involves extensive user interviews to define personas and their needs, Making, testing and fine tuning prototypes using opinionated patterns is the design phase and implementation of prototypes using opinionated idioms and architectures delivered on various platforms ( mobile, web, desktop, cloud and devices) coupled with operations and support is third D.

Energiewerks 3D borrows from Shape Up, Design Thinking, SAFe, patterns and idioms, all time boxed and repeatable resulting in successful delivery of incremental system functionality.

Energiewerks teams are located across continents. Subject matter experts in the US, Europe, UAE and India. Product managers and designers in the US and India. Developers in several locations in the US, Europe and India. Traditional “in the same room” techniques such as Design Thinking, Shape Up, Agile development / Scrum did not work for us. COVID-19 and work from home mandates, required online collaborative tooling. This prompted the development of the Energiewerks 3D methodology.

Energiewerks 3D incorporates tooling such as BaseCamp, Miro, Design Thinking templates, TimeTimers, Zoom rooms, Bitbucket, Pipelines, Kubernetes, Cloud environments, Lambda/Kappa architectures, Mobile/Web/Desktop frameworks, multi-model databases and micro-services in an opinionated solution to deliver products, projects and services at a rapid pace at low cost and high velocity.

Subsequent posts will describe our successful delivery approach using 3D – Discover, Design and Deliver

Weekly Ensight : Clean up on WordPress aisle 6

An analyst, using Energiewerks Ensights integrated with the WordPress blogging platform, to disseminate fundamental analysis reports and studies over the last couple of years, wanted to delete the stale posts and associated media attached to the post to free up space on the blog.

In total there were 18k+ posts and about 92k+ media items ( png, pdf, jpg, xls) files that needed to be deleted from the blog.

Using the Energiewerks Ensights toolkit, this was accomplished using the following python code snippet.

from utils.WordpressUtilities import WordPressUtilities
from datetime import datetime,  timedelta

if __name__ == '__main__':
    wp = WordPressUtilities()
    wp.deleteBlogPostsOlderThanDate(datetime.now() - timedelta(days=30))
    wp.deleteMediaItemsOlderThanDate(datetime.now() - timedelta(days=30))

Under the covers, Energiewerks Ensights uses the python wordpress xmlrpc library to

  1. instantiate a WordPress client using the blog URL, username, and password configured within Energiewerks Ensights
  2. then uses the client rpc call GetPosts providing a dictionary of parameters that contains two parameters – increment and offset, to retrieve a set of blog posts.
  3. iterates through the set of blog posts and delete blog posts that meet the date criteria specified ( in this case anything of 30 days or more vintage )
  4. Energiewerks Ensights then iteratively gets 1000 media items using the rpc call GetMediaLibrary on the media object.
  5. Iterates through the 1000 media items returned at a time, selects media items that meet the date criterion and subsequently the category of items from the composite name of the item, and delete the media item from the blog.

Energiewerks Ensights provides simple yet powerful tools to simplify day to day activities of fundamental analysts on the energy, commodity, equity, currency, and equity trading desks of some of the largest trading firms globally.

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