Platforms for small fundamental analysis projects and enterprise scale application development.

Commodity trading products for trading and risk management, curve management and derivative pricing and valuation models.

Logistics applications for visibility into project logistics.

Custom projects delivered rapidly on opinionated enterprise scale platforms.



Autonomous Analytics Toolkit for small projects

Ensights, streamlines and automates analytics processes, delivering concise, accurate and appropriate market insights to the right people at the right time.

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Opinionated enterprise scale Application Development Platform

Multitiered distributed application architecture reference implementation for rapid development of reliable enterprise applications

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Trading and Risk Management Products


Greenfield trading and risk management

Greenfield financial trading and risk management system.

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Formulaic Price Curve Management

Complex algebraic formulae metadata and calculation engine generates price curves for input to ETRM systems.

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Valuation Models as Cloud Functions

Derivative pricing models deployed as cloud functions

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Option Pricing Library and Analytics

Price European, American, Asian, Spread Options. Greeks, Market Implied Volatility Models

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Reference Data Knowledge Graphs

Counterparty Knowledge graph used to exchange up-to-date counterparty information in real-time.

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Logistics Products and Services


Oversize cargo logistics

Global visibility, document management, Cross vendor collaboration for oversize project cargo logistics

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