Ensights analytics toolkit

Energiewerks Toolkit Overview


Data components of the toolkit are used to retrieve public, proprietary and internal data sources then blended and assembled into a combination of SQL / NoSQL data stores.


Outsourced, cloud based or turnkey on premise architectures for deploying the toolkit in public / private clouds or in house server infrastructure.


Data wrangling, analytic and visualization packages using best of breed advanced technology that can be extended to incorporate new evolutions in analytic technology and leverage existing investments.


Business processes optimized around data, infrastructure and technology components for analytics. Use cases span acquisition, preparation, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data.

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Ensights analytics process



Retrieve public, proprietary and internal data from structured and unstructured sources. Data conversion from a diverse set of formats in to SQL and No SQL databases. Tools to rapidly generate proprietary internal datasets.


Data wrangling of multiple very large data sets, Normalization and annotation of data for analysis purposes. Blending of multiple data sets in to derived proprietary data sets tied to specific used cases.


Analysis of the very large data sets. Model selection using various techniques using mathematical, numerical and statistical techniques. Timely ongoing validation and calibration of models.


Visualization of results generated by models. Innovative concise presentation of very large amounts of data. Various reporting mechanisms such as periodic automated pdf reports, blog posts, enterprise integration using messaging mechanisms.


Dissemination of reports, digital artifacts such as graphs, tables and narratives via various toolkit mechanisms such as micro applications framework, pdf files, csv files, database integration, JSON, XML, self serve tools, blogs, integrations with Slack and HipChat, web services and integration with enterprise applications .


Business processes that incorporate tools in acquire, prepare, analyze, visualize phases in support of specific use cases coupled with infrastructure, data and technology running autonomously on a schedule or on occurence of particular events.

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Energiewerks trade lifecycle services


 Supply and demand, price forecasting using quantitative techniques and supervised and unsupervised machine learning.


Technical and statistical time series analysis of prices and derivative contracts to identify mispricings in the market.


Real time pricing and valuation tools for market makers, speculators, traders, risk , mid and back office personnel.


Exchange integration and straight through processing tools for trade flow in to enterprise and proprietary systems.


Market Risk – P&L , P&L Explain, Value at Risk, Earnings at Risk, Cashflow at Risk, Stress testing, Scenario testing.  Credit Risk – Collateral Management, Potential Future Exposure, Risk Scoring


Commodity specific tools for scheduling, balancing, actualization and reporting processes.


Tools for valuation, invoicing, reconciliation and  dispute resolution.

Back Office

Accounting and treasury functions.

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Commodities coverage – Energy

Natural Gas

Tools , processes and services for each of the functional areas around trading of financial and physical natural gas.


Proprietary weather indices and forecasts used by natural gas , renewables, weather and electricity derivatives traders across the lower 48.

Crude Oil

North America (Nymex) centric trading of financial crude oil contracts.

Heating Oil

North America centric trading of financial heating oil contracts.


North America centric trading of gasoline ( RBOB/NYOH and Gulf Coast) gasoline contracts.


Macroeconomic indicators such as industrial production, currency fluctuations and interest rates that affect energy complex.

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Technology consulting services


Fundamental, technical, pricing, valuation, market risk, credit risk and compliance analytics using proprietary tools and techniques.


Solution design and implementation around existing investments and platform across some or all of the functional areas in the trade lifecycle.


Streamline business processes leveraging data, infrastructure and technology platform.

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