Platforms for small fundamental analysis projects and enterprise scale application development.

Commodity trading products for trading and risk management, curve management and derivative pricing and valuation models.

Logistics applications for visibility into project logistics.

Custom projects delivered rapidly on opinionated enterprise scale platforms.



Autonomous Analytics Toolkit for small projects

Ensights, streamlines and automates analytics processes, delivering concise, accurate and appropriate market insights to the right people at the right time.

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Hybrid multi-cloud platform. Derivative pricing and valuation as a service

Customized models. Enterprise valuation service. Low touch planet scale deployment of derivative pricing models for quants. Continuous IT compliant model deployment. Minimal IT requirements.

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Small project platform for Bare Metal , Data Center and Cloud deployments

Giles is suited to small projects for limited concurrent users that does not require large support capabilities.

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Opinionated horizontal planet scale highly available self healing hybrid multi cloud application development Platform

Multitiered distributed application architecture reference implementation for rapid development of reliable enterprise applications

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OCR and ICR document data extraction toolkit

Structured datasets from handwritten / typewritten documents using OCR, ICR, NLP, Neural networks and multi model databases

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Highly available enterprise search server.

Highly available, full text, geo, federated, typo tolerant, multi-tenant, tunable ranking, dynamic sorting, filtering and faceting, application search

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Natural Language Analytics – Processing, Understanding and Generation

Understand language content in documents, articles, tweets and provide human like decision support

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Augmented Reality , Computer Vision

Business process innovation using emerging Augmented Reality and Computer Vision

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Trading / Risk Management


Greenfield trading and risk management

Greenfield financial trading and risk management system.

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Formulaic Price Curve Management.

Complex algebraic formulae metadata and calculation engine generates price curves for input to ETRM systems

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Option Pricing Library and Analytics

Price European, American, Asian, Spread Options. Greeks, Market Implied Volatility Models

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Reference data knowledge graph

Knowledge graph for reference data. Counterparty Information

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Consulting Services


Strategic technology advisory for non tech founders, small and medium sized firms

Software engineering. Data engineering. Data science. Machine learning. Artificial intelligence.We bring big company high dollar planet scale technology experience to small and medium sized nimble businesses. Level the playing field. Compete with the dominant competitors and win.

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Build products that customers are delighted to use everyday.

Discovery, design and delivery (3D) processes. Handpicked entrepreneurial people. Secure, scalable, observable, technology platforms for every SLA under the sun. Products that delight customers

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Build products and services. Operate service offerings. Insource at an appropriate time

Economies of scale. Proven expertise at building and operating planet scale enterprise services. Trusted technology partner to non technical founders, small and medium sized businesses. Outsource upfront and insource when it makes sense. We build and operate fee-based in the meantime.

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Technology partner with a stake in success

Ideation. Future proof technology. Equity and Debt financing network. Entrepreneurial people. Proven software delivery processes. Delightful products for customers. A true symbiotic partnership

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Renewable power sources for crypto miners

Turnkey solutions based on Solar + natural gas AC power ( ~ 300 MW ) + mining rigs in containers for running large scale crypto mining operations.

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Renewable retail power source commercial and industrial consumers

Supply of solar renewable power ( ~ 300 MW ) of solar power for residential , commercial and industrial consumers

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Oversize cargo logistics

Global visibility, document management, Cross vendor collaboration for oversize project cargo logistics

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