Energiewerks Analytics

Energiewerks’ Ensights Toolkit, streamlines and automates analytics processes for energy traders, delivering concise, accurate and appropriate market insights to the right people at the right time.

Energiewerks Ensights is an autonomic analytics system for small predictive analytics and reporting projects providing the robustness and resiliency of enterprise systems, coupled with Excel like analytics flexibility and agility, in a single platform focused on generating actionable insights.

The toolkit spans data, infrastructure, process and technology associated with acquiring, preparing and storing data specific to a commodity, analyzing and visualizing that data and then disseminating it to relevant stakeholders at the appropriate time.

Energiewerks Ensights is used by lean hedge funds, upstart, small or medium-sized trading firms for analytical needs that span fundamental analysis, pricing tools, execution technology, trade capture, mid and back office functions.

These analytical tools are comparable to capabilities at some of the large merchant trading houses and investment banks, albeit at a lower price point, yet using a platform that will scale with business growth.

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“Energiewerk’s models have a way of making complex problems simple, understandable, easy-to-use, robust and reliable.  The models are used company wide by analysts who have little to no programming experience and those models never break down.  EnergieWerks quantitative analysts built those models from scratch in a very cost effective manner. Additionally, their expertise in information technology and numerical programming tools allow them to build models for institutional investor and trader needs.”

Tony Franjie, Natural gas and crude oil fundamental analyst and trader, Lochridge

“I had the pleasure of working with the quantitative analysis and data science team. They were invaluable in supplementing our internal analysis team.  They provided keen insight into natural gas market fundamentals. Add to that a clear picture of broader macro-economic issues that affects natural gas markets. Their information technology expertise was a great bonus considering the many tools EnergieWerks created that were leveraged by portfolio managers across the organization.”

Sajjad Khan, Portfolio Manager, Noor Capital

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