A user requires a production grade api that can be used to query data stored in an enterprise database quickly. In most fast paced environments, this scenario calls for implementing a serverless function using OpenFAAS running on a bare metal , datacenter or cloud based Kubernetes clusters.

Using the OpenFAAS command line interface (cli) a function is created using a python3-debian template. Using python libraries the function queries the database as detailed in a separate DevStory. The function, deployed to a Kubernetes cluster, is exposed as an endpoint behind an NGINX reverse proxy within a datacenter cluster or API Gateway on AWS.

Clients manually or programmatically call the function to retrieve data from the enterprise database. This architectural pattern has been used frequently on a trade floor to provide a secure, IT policy compliant, auditable and production scale api at high velocity and low code. It allows developers to be extremely responsive to user needs in fast paced environments.

Factoryzetm Functions as a Service provides an implementation of OpenFAAS deployable to a bare metal K8s cluster, Tanzu and Open Shift clusters in the data center and EKS, AKS and GKE in the cloud.